Student Success




In higher education, student success is commonly defined as persistence in a bachelor’s degree program, leading to a timely completion of that program. For first-time freshmen, timely graduation would be in four to six years after admission to the university. The equivalent for new transfer students would be two to four years.

Defined this way, Cal Poly students are among the most successful in the California State University (CSU), yet all groups of students do not graduate at the same rate. There are achievement gaps between first-generation and non-first-generation students, between under-represented minority (URM) and non-URM students, as well as between students receiving and not receiving Pell Grants. Underlying all of these differences is an achievement gap between men and women.

The CSU Graduation Initiative has set ambitious goals for all 23 campuses to achieve by the year 2025. These goals address the achievement gaps as well as the four- and six-year graduation rates; Cal Poly’s goals are indicated below.






















































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