Capacity and Preparatory Review

The second phase of our self-study, the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR), examined what WASC describes as our core commitment to institutional capacity: “The institution functions with clear purposes, high levels of institutional integrity, fiscal stability, and organizational structures to fulfill its purposes.” This phase concluded in June 2010 with the WASC Commission acting to receive our report and continue our accreditation into the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) phase.

Among the highlights in the WASC CPR Commission letter (PDF) and the CPR Visiting Team Report (PDF) were the following commendations and reccomendations:


  • Transparency and openness in exploration and self-evaluation
  • International reputation for polytechnic excellence
  • Commitment to learn-by-doing
  • University Learning Objectives/program learning objectives and making student learning a priority
  • Inclusive Excellence initiative


  • Alignment and publication of learning objectives at all levels
  • Quantifiable measures for assessing learn-by-doing
  • Better definition of the teacher-scholar model and a plan with targets for EER and beyond
  • Strengthening of faculty leadership during time of transition

More Information

Front cover of CPR report

CPR Report (PDF): The four thematic essays we submitted to WASC.

CPR Data Portfolio: The appendices and additional data that accompanied the report.

If you have any problems accessing the report, please call the Academic Programs office at (805) 756-2246 or email

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