Student Achievement Measures

                                                  A student in the watershed management program at Swanton Pacific Ranch conducts a survey.

Image: A student in the watershed management program at Swanton Pacific Ranch conducts a survey.

Cal Poly is proud of its Learn by Doing reputation and of the large numbers of its students who graduate in a timely fashion. The university understands the need to provide information about students and evidence of their accomplishments to stakeholders — both internal and external. This series of webpages addresses that need, hopefully in a manner that is both accessible and informative. 


Educational objectives are widely recognized throughout the institution, are consistent with stated purposes, and are demonstrably achieved. The institution regularly generates, evaluates, and makes public data about student achievement, including measures of retention and graduation, and evidence of student learning. —WASC Senior College and University Commission (Criterion for Review 1.2)

Student Profile

  • Entrance Measures
  • Average Unit Load per Quarter 
  • Total Enrollment
  • Diversity Enrollment Trends

Student Success

  • Freshmen First-Year Retention Rate
  • Freshmen Four-Year and Six-Year Graduation Rate
  • Transfer Two-Year Graduation Rate
  • Transfer Four-Year Graduation Rate
  • Achievement Gaps: Under-Represented Minorities
  • Achievement Gaps: Pell Grant Recipients

High-Impact Practices

  • High-Impact Practices
  • Global Learning / Study Abroad
  • Internships or Field Experience
  • Senior Project

Student Learning and Satisfaction

  • Student Learning: Collegiate Learning Assessment
  • Student Learning: Core Competency Assessment
  • Student Satisfaction: The Cal Poly Education


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