Cal Poly's 2012-2022 Accreditation Cycle

Quarter Step STATUS
Spring 2012 End of previous cycle (based on WSCUC action)


Spring 2015 Submission of interim report Completed
Winter 2019 Submission of self-study proposal Completed
Summer 2019 Approval of self-study proposal by WSCUC Completed
Summer — Fall 2019 Formation of Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) governance structure: Leadership Committee, Steering Committee, three Working Groups with wide campus representation Completed
Fall 2019 — Summer 2020 Working Groups research subthemes and relevant data Completed
Fall 2020 Working Groups design preliminary outlines of essays for institutional report Completed
Winter 2021 Working Groups create detailed outlines of essays Completed
Spring 2021 Working Groups write full draft of essays Completed
Summer 2021 Working Groups submit polished versions of final essays for institutional report; APP finalizes introduction, compliance analysis, and conclusion and assembles report Completed
Fall 2021 Consultation with campus stakeholders on institutional report Completed
Winter 2022 Submission of institutional report to WSCUC (February 16) Completed
Winter — Spring 2022 Campus-wide preparations for the site visit Completed
Spring 2022 Accreditation visit (April 27-29) Completed
Summer 2022 Commission action (June 23-24) Completed


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