WASC Steering Committee Membership

Name Position Phone
Cassie Carter Associate Vice President for Advancement Operations, University Advancement 5713
David Conn, Co-chair Associate Vice President for Institutional Review 6005
Fred DePiero Assistant Dean, College of Engineering 2917
Doris Derelian Professor, Food Science and Nutrition 6130
Rachel Fernflores Chair, Academic Senate 2330
Bruno Giberti, Co-chair Director, Center for Teaching and Learning 2036 
Anna Gold Associate Dean, Library Services 5786
Brent Goodman Director, Institutional Planning & Analysis 5406 
Linda Halisky Dean, College of Liberal Arts 2706
Rachel Henry Administrative Coordinator, Academic Programs 7280
Doug Keesey Professor, English 2228
Josh Machamer Director, General Education and Associate Professor, Theater and Dance 7434
Stern Neill Associate Professor, Marketing 2091
Mary Pedersen Associate Vice Provost for Programs and Planning 2246
Craig Schultz Director, User Support Services, ITS 6117
Erling Smith Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Planning 2185
Susan Sparling Director, Student Academic Services 2301
Scott Steinmaus Associate Professor, Biological Sciences 5142
Kiyana Tabrizi ASI President 1291
Brian Tietje Dean, Continuing Education 7438
Tom Trice Associate Professor, History 2724
Dean Wendt Associate Dean, College of Science and Mathematics 2988

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