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                         A student from Architecture 351 ("Architectural Design") presents her work over the past quarter.

Image: A student from Architecture 351 ("Architectural Design") presents her work over the past quarter (Fall 2019).


Like other universities, Cal Poly follows the progress of its students— both freshmen and transfer — by annual cohorts entering in a particular academic year. The university considers their entering academic qualifications — high-school GPA, test scores, etc. — in relation to the time required for them to graduate after completing their degree programs. This time-to-degree metric can conceal much about a group of students, but it is nevertheless a standard measure of institutional success in higher education.

In addition to this cohort-based approach, Cal Poly tracks academic information about its students at large — their class level (freshman, sophomore, etc.), unit load (full or part time), enrollment status (freshman, transfer, etc.), and academic standing (good or otherwise). The university also tracks a variety of demographic information about its students —their gender, ethnicity, California state residency, and Pell Grant status (recipient or non-recipient). These are important markers of progress toward Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong’s Vision 2022 goal to “create a rich culture of diversity and inclusivity that supports and celebrates the similarities and differences of every individual on campus.”


Please note: Cal Poly defines an underrepresented minority student (URM) as a student whose race/ethnicity is Hispanic, African American, Native American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or multi-racial with at least one of those four ethnicities.

last updated May 2021


3.99. Average high school G.P.A. for first-time first-year students enrolled in fall 2020. Click to see more entrance measure trends between 2016-20.


22,287. Total number of enrolled students as of Fall 2020. Click to learn about enrollment trends between 2006-2020.


21.7%. Percentage of underrepresented minority student enrolled in Fall 2020.

14.59. Average undergraduate unit load per quarter in 2019-20. Click to learn about unit load trends between 2006-20.


49.1%. Percentage of female students enrolled in Fall 2020 (equivalent to 10,937 students). Click to learn about Enrollment by Gender trends between 2006-20.


14.2% Percentage of Pell Grant recipients enrolled in Fall 2020.







































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